Peace After The Chaos

This photo I found with a handy google search is a good example of how my life feels sometimes - scrambled and chaotic.  But if you look close, there is some balance and artistic magic in the rendition.  I think that is really what my life strives to be.  I really need to say "our" lives, … Continue reading Peace After The Chaos

I’m Back…Grateful and (still) Growing

After a little sabbatical, I am inspired to put my fingers back on the keyboard to share from my heart.  A couple of things have poked me to get back into blog world- a truth or dare type question in a group recently asking if I could do anything and not fail, what would it … Continue reading I’m Back…Grateful and (still) Growing

A Never Ending Story, or Is It??

      Must all stories have an ending?  That is my dilemma lately because I want to share my story, but as of now, the ending eludes me.  Every day is an ending in itself, if only for that day though.     The harder part of my story telling challenge is that I don't know where the beginning is.  The … Continue reading A Never Ending Story, or Is It??

An Obituary to Envy

If you're about to throw away an old pair of pantyhose, stop. Consider: Mary Agnes Mullaney (you probably knew her as "Pink") who entered eternal life on Sunday, September 1, 2013. Her spirit is carried on by her six children, 17 grandchildren, three surviving siblings in New "Joisey", and an extended family of relations and … Continue reading An Obituary to Envy

It’s All Good.. I Got Bubble Wrap!

I think it is the little things that inspire the easiest smiles.  At least for me. Life Interrupted. Our days become hectic and crazed with responsibilities, activities, distractions, interactions and just plain ol' life.  Is it just me?  Or does Live simply take up all of our time and attention?My mornings begin with walking the dog, fixing … Continue reading It’s All Good.. I Got Bubble Wrap!

Brick by Brick, Step by Step

Definition of my journey... how I am turning the brick wall I hid behind into the pathway I walk upon.I had no idea that I had built such a strong and sturdy wall over the years until I decided to take it down. It was revealed to me in a slow fashion, with only subtle … Continue reading Brick by Brick, Step by Step

Wanted: A Rubber Home

I just bet you wonder what I am talking about!! Until recently, I wouldn't have had a clue about rubber homes and I had never even heard of any such thing before. But, I was speaking to the grandmother of a childhood friend of mine, and she referred to memories of her own rubber home, … Continue reading Wanted: A Rubber Home

Penny from Heaven. In My BED???

The alarm clock sounded…too early in my opinion. I like my mornings much better when I wake naturally, and watch for the minutes to click away before my alarm goes off. This was not one of those mornings most likely due to a restless night. I had entered my bed and bedroom the evening before … Continue reading Penny from Heaven. In My BED???

the Real me…

Who am I and what am I doing here in blog-land?Well, I have always loved the art of writing, and have frequently played around with words to entertain, to inform, to challenge, and to reflect.  They have usually been for my own benefit, and I will continue that trend..... for now. (except for anyone who … Continue reading the Real me…

Behind “That” Closet Door

We all have "That Closet"... It may be disguised as a room, a drawer, a garage, a spare room, a bed, a car or some place.  Not surprisingly we find that in many instances it is also within our very own self.It's the area that is parking lot to much of our messy "stuff" or junk.  … Continue reading Behind “That” Closet Door