sharing this from another awesome remarried christian couple.. their lessons and triumphs.

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Maintenance; It’s All About Maintenance

If we were to give any word of advice or an honest reflection on how to save a marriage it would have to be the need for maintenance.  It is all about maintenance. If you own anything with an engine or moving parts, you are smart to have a maintenance plan.  If you have a … Continue reading Maintenance; It’s All About Maintenance

“Us” on the Back Cover

Our story is similar to so many others.... but, to us, it is special. We went to high school together and had numerous mutual friends, however, we didn't really meet until our mid 20s.  After a whirlwind year of dating and meeting family and friends, we married in a large Catholic wedding. All the proper … Continue reading “Us” on the Back Cover

Savoring My Darkest Day

John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Some memories are so distinct.  The clarity is so crisp and real that you can relive every moment, feeling, smell, and sight. Your senses come alive with the memory and savor that time in history. Usually these are the good … Continue reading Savoring My Darkest Day

The Silence Can Be Deafening

           In the not so distant past, I actually yearned for silence. Maybe Peace is the better word, but I thought it was silence I wanted. I am finding out that it is not at all what I thought it would be and I find only bits of real peace in the silence of my … Continue reading The Silence Can Be Deafening

He Said, She Said. Nobody Understands…

I am sure everyone has these stories to tell too..... We've all been there - I say tomato, you say tom-ahh-toe. I see black, you see white. Is the glass half full or half empty? You go left, I want to go right. Well, this is true of all relationships at some point. There is … Continue reading He Said, She Said. Nobody Understands…

Brick by Brick, Step by Step

Definition of my journey... how I am turning the brick wall I hid behind into the pathway I walk upon.I had no idea that I had built such a strong and sturdy wall over the years until I decided to take it down. It was revealed to me in a slow fashion, with only subtle … Continue reading Brick by Brick, Step by Step

Caution! … Dangerous Curves Ahead

 In all things we should proceed with caution instead of recklessness.  Travel, education, friendships, work, driving, walking, talking, fighting, liking, loving.  The list is endless.  It is something we probably all do without conscious thought. Admit it.  We automatically look in the rear view mirror before merging into traffic.  We watch our steps as we walk, … Continue reading Caution! … Dangerous Curves Ahead