It wouldn’t be right to not mention the holiday our country is celebrating today.  4th of July.  Independence Day.
In so many ways, American’s take our freedom for granted.  Most of us don’t know there is an alternative – to not be free.  The freedom of our own destiny, our lives, lifestyle, goals, thoughts, education, travels, homes, family, friendships, religion, & beliefs,  (and, that is just the tip of our iceberg of freedoms!)

Did you know that on the day they approved the Declaration of Independence  John Adams said that the Fourth of July should be celebrated as a “day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty”?  We should all strive for deliverance from any distractions, and TO a devotion to God! 

I just keep walking, towards my own freedom, which includes my devotion to God!  Thank you to our founding fathers who established this great nation under God.  Thank you to the countless lives devoted to maintaining our freedom.  Thank you and God’s blessings over all who have given their lives in our fight for freedom.  And, last, hopes and prayers that Americans will renew their devotion to God and honor the freedom He gave us.

Happy 4th of July and God Bless America!


Just keep walking

I realize that the best way to get to where I am supposed to be is to just keep walking towards it.  But, the bigger quest is defining what “it” is?

 Where does anyone want to be?  In a bigger home?  In a better relationship?  In a happy place?  In a financially secure and even successful state?  The problem with those quests is that they are superficial and temporary.  And, sadly, they are of the world. 

Me?  I have identified “it” for me, I want to be where God wants me to be and that means I am walking towards Him.  Pretty big goals these are for sure.  This realization came after a lot of soul searching and personal healing.  But, it is a journey I would not trade for anything.  I cherish every step and stumble, and I anticipate all my steps ahead.

“Just another w…

“Just another walk in the park”

Every journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end.    Or at least all the journey’s that I have know of.  Mine is a bit more complex -a beginning and a middle, a detour or two, dead-ends, shortcuts, sprints, breakdowns, and so much more.

I know now where I am headed, but it has not always been that clear.  The destination may be defined, but the rest has been up to chance, fate, luck, destiny, and some good old-fashioned faith.  I am betting on my faith taking care of it all.

I have my hiking boots, backpack, and walking stick.  What could go wrong?  Don’t worry, it is just another walk in the park……

Happy Trails!