Just keep walking

I realize that the best way to get to where I am supposed to be is to just keep walking towards it.  But, the bigger quest is defining what “it” is?

 Where does anyone want to be?  In a bigger home?  In a better relationship?  In a happy place?  In a financially secure and even successful state?  The problem with those quests is that they are superficial and temporary.  And, sadly, they are of the world. 

Me?  I have identified “it” for me, I want to be where God wants me to be and that means I am walking towards Him.  Pretty big goals these are for sure.  This realization came after a lot of soul searching and personal healing.  But, it is a journey I would not trade for anything.  I cherish every step and stumble, and I anticipate all my steps ahead.


“Just another w…

“Just another walk in the park”

Every journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end.    Or at least all the journey’s that I have know of.  Mine is a bit more complex -a beginning and a middle, a detour or two, dead-ends, shortcuts, sprints, breakdowns, and so much more.

I know now where I am headed, but it has not always been that clear.  The destination may be defined, but the rest has been up to chance, fate, luck, destiny, and some good old-fashioned faith.  I am betting on my faith taking care of it all.

I have my hiking boots, backpack, and walking stick.  What could go wrong?  Don’t worry, it is just another walk in the park……

Happy Trails!