Thank God it’s Lent

My favorite season is underway. I have decided just this week that my favorite season is Lent and... my favorite holy day is Ash Wednesday. We can talk about my favorite holiday another time. Ash Wednesday?  Lent?  Really?  Really. I heard the readings that day, especially the gospel: Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 Jesus said to his disciples: “Take care … Continue reading Thank God it’s Lent

We Were Just a Table Full of Women

Holidays and family get togethers are hectic and chaotic scenes.  We usually spend these with an extended family of friends and many branches of in-laws, outlaws, neighbors, and strays. The best part is after the meal is over and everyone retreats to their respected groups - men with the men, women with the women, and … Continue reading We Were Just a Table Full of Women

“I Do, Something New, Something Blue”

Everyone wants their wedding day to rank as one of the best days of their lives.  The memories are clear even though the day occured over 25 years ago. The pain they bring now is more heartache as I realize that the vows we exchanged have been unravelled in a courtroom and in our hearts. … Continue reading “I Do, Something New, Something Blue”


It wouldn't be right to not mention the holiday our country is celebrating today.  4th of July.  Independence Day.   In so many ways, American's take our freedom for granted.  Most of us don't know there is an alternative - to not be free.  The freedom of our own destiny, our lives, lifestyle, goals, thoughts, … Continue reading Freedom