He Said, She Said. Now What?

We’ve all been there – I say tomato, you say tom-ahh-toe. I see black, you see white. Is the glass half full or half empty? You go left, I want to go right.

Well, this is true of all relationships at some point. There is no way we can all see, feel, think, or love the same. We wouldn’t want it that way either.

But, when a relationship falls apart, you review and resurrect all the steps that brought you to that end and try to find the place that things took a wrong turn. Because you either want to find a way to undo the wrong turn or you want to know how to avoid it in the future.

The reality is that every event, every conversation, every relationship has three versions. His version, her version, and the real version. That is the beauty of humans, we are flawed and imperfect. We cannot see, hear, feel or process things like a machine would, only as best we can.

So, whatever he said, and whatever I said, are history now. We cannot understand exactly what transpired or all the facts and feelings. And, for this I am ultimately very grateful. Who would want to live in a world that was only black and white? I love the grays and colors infused in our world.

Having different perspectives and understandings should be a blessing. I hope they will be a blessing again and that we will learn to embrace and welcome the variation in our interpretation of conversations, experiences and feelings.

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