Serenity, Courage AND Wisdom? -Oh My…


I can say this prayer over and over… and it always speaks differently to me.

I absolutely love the concept of living with serenity.
I embrace the wholehearted acceptance of living one day at a time…. and there are many times that I really focus on and celebrate having the courage to change things that need changing.
I understand that hardship is a pathway to peace….
but, the wisdom part just stumps me more than anything else. Wisdom? really?
I can do serene…. and I can do courage ( I think…)
Wisdom eludes me…

All of a sudden I am facing the lions, tigers and bears… oh my.
Serenity, courage and wisdom, oh my.
Serenity – check.
Courage – check.
Wisdom – order submitted, my check is in the mail!

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