Brick by Brick, Step by Step


Definition of my journey… how I am turning the brick wall I hid behind into the pathway I walk upon.

I had no idea that I had built such a strong and sturdy wall over the years until I decided to take it down. It was revealed to me in a slow fashion, with only subtle glimpses along the way helping me to identify how it even got there.

If you don’t have any tendency to isolate or remove yourself physically or emotionally from life, you probably won’t have any idea what I am talking about.  I am no expert and have no diagnosis, but I think that isolating and living with depression were my brick wall.  I needed that wall to camouflage myself and to hide behind.  I was able to hide from others as well as from myself.

There has been a miracle in my life. It occured when I learned to take down my wall brick by brick.  Some of the bricks dropped to the ground haphazardly and some were placed carefully.  As the wall came down and the bricks scattered they created a walkway that was uneven, crooked, and sometimes a little dangerous.  Eventually I have learned to take my time and place them more and more carefully, creating a solid, even, and straight path.

Do you have a wall?  What is it made of -bricks, logs, or straw?  Be warned, taking it down is sometimes harder that building it up, but the result and the freedom will make it very worthwhile.

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