Caution! … Dangerous Curves Ahead



In all things we should proceed with caution instead of recklessness.  Travel, education, friendships, work, driving, walking, talking, fighting, liking, loving.  The list is endless.  It is something we probably all do without conscious thought. 

Admit it.  We automatically look in the rear view mirror before merging into traffic.  We watch our steps as we walk, we weigh our words before we say them aloud, we calculate our strategy if we are in a quarrel.  The same is true of relationships.. except that it is not so automatic – it is with lots of thought, worry, planning, anticipation and excitement that we proceed into travel with our hearts.

The funny thing about all that cautious action, it doesn’t seem to alter the journey.  It seems I am the subject of much curiousity amongst friends and aquaintances.  Not that I am worthy of that attention, but, apparently my relationship is.  For the last year (14 months to be more exact) I have been in a new relationship with my (ex) husband.  Everyone keeps asking how we are doing.  Their inquiries are honest and hopeful, but occaisionally I have to just be honest and tell them that I don’t know “how we are doing”, I only know that we are taking things very slowly, one day at a time.  That we are proceeding with caution.

It is a new relationship for many reasons besides the obvious.  Although there is a lot of familiarity between us (we were married 22 years), but much of that was a bit dysfunctional.  We are now different people in our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.  It is a little like turning on a familiar sitcom and the actors are the same but their words are in a foreign language you don’t recognize.

I am in unfamiliar territory here, just proceeding with much caution, unsure of what the next curves will reveal.  I remain hopeful that the road I am on is going to continue, without many detours or roadblocks.  It would be unreasonable to think there won’t be some bumps, or reduced speed limits either, but isn’t that true of all journeys?

I have my seatbelt on as I watch out for any dangerous curves ahead.


4 thoughts on “Caution! … Dangerous Curves Ahead

  1. Monique

    As was our Pastor’s message the last two weeks – in all journies – no matter dating, divorce, relationships, work, parenting, etc – if you “yield” to the Lord and let him drive you will arrive safely and happily at your destination!

  2. I like your spirit. I am praying with you about your relationship with your ex. I have been there as you know. As long as the LORD Jesus is in to, you should be. Be greatly encouraged.

    Pastor Steve Ashford

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