Penny from Heaven. In My BED???

pennyThe alarm clock sounded…too early in my opinion. I like my mornings much better when I wake naturally, and watch for the minutes to click away before my alarm goes off. This was not one of those mornings most likely due to a restless night.

I had entered my bed and bedroom the evening before with some worry and conflicts on my heart. I tried to set them aside and label them as irrelevant and nothing I could change anyway. After a nice weekend with friends and family, made even more special because my husband was part of the mix, I was faced with an empty house and an empty bed at the end.

The two saddest moments of my days – are going to sleep alone and waking up alone. In between I can distract and even deceive myself, but, when facing the night and facing the day – I find that my husband is no longer part of those precious moments. This is a result of a separation and legal divorce that fractured our 22 year marriage and relationship, presumably beyond repair.

Thanks to God, and a wonderful recovery program at a local church, our friendship has been restored and our faith has been resurrected. He has healed his hurts and hang-ups and, thanks to his invitation I have been working on my own. One of the first lessons I have learned and re-learned is to know that God is always with us, 24/7. I didn’t think I needed to be reminded of that lesson, but apparently God did.

When I awoke from that restless night and faced another morning all alone in my bed, I found a surprise as I made up my bed. There it was; a penny, laying face up on the sheets in that empty space next to where I slept.

How it got there is irrelevant, but the significance of that silly little penny is incredible. I remembered the saying I had heard about “pennies from heaven”. Something about finding pennies in unusual spots or on your path is supposed to signify someone watching over you from heaven. For only a few moments I pondered, “Who… who could be watching over me?”… the answer was loud and clear – “My Father”.

I was so grateful for my penny from heaven, especially since it was in my bed!

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  1. Love this.. Yes, God will send “pennies from heaven” as a sign. I feel lead to leave you this link for this song and just remember that God is always in control…Seek Him and His will for you and your marriage. He is a God of covenant. Many blessings to you…

    I will be praying for you and your husband…

    1. Thank you – that is beautiful.
      love it as well as the movie, and appreciate your prayers.

      1. God is in your situation.. Just keep thanking Him for what He is doing in your life.. for He is in control.

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