Behind “That” Closet Door


We all have “That Closet”… It may be disguised as a room, a drawer, a garage, a spare room, a bed, a car or some place.  Not surprisingly we find that in many instances it is also within our very own self.

It’s the area that is parking lot to much of our messy “stuff” or junk.  Think about it – you know you have stuff or junk, we ALL have stuff or junk, .. unless you have both!  So, where else do you put it?  It just HAS TO go to that extra “closet” or junk drawer, otherwise it would not be junk.  Then it would have its own place!   Actually, I think every house should come equipped with a junk drawer and closet that are self cleaning, just like the oven. Problem solved!

Having our stuff and junk stored in these areas of our homes or lives can overwhelm us and has the potential to actually overtake us too.  Without warning it will overflow and our stuff and junk will spill out into our real living areas, screaming at us for not providing them enough space and privacy.

But what about that other scenerio?  The one with our messy stuff and cumbersome junk stuffed into the holes and crevices of our very own hearts and minds or in our back  pocket.   How do we deal with that junk?  It isn’t like the stuff I cram into the hall closet and slam the door shut so it can’t get out,… no, this is the exhaustive variety of junk – this junk weighs tons, it smells rank, it is slippery as all get out, and it takes over our mind, body and soul.

The best plan for excavating and purging this junk and stuff -Personally, I am suggesting some old fashioned spring cleaning! Prayers and confession. Otherwise, any idea on how can I get a proverbial blowtorch?

Happy trails and bless our mess and make it a message!


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