We Were Just a Table Full of Women


Holidays and family get togethers are hectic and chaotic scenes.  We usually spend these with an extended family of friends and many branches of in-laws, outlaws, neighbors, and strays. The best part is after the meal is over and everyone retreats to their respected groups – men with the men, women with the women, and kids with the kids.

I am blessed to be one of the women – and love that we invariably end up relaxing around the kitchen table, enjoying our coffee almost as much as each other’s company. 

I believe this is where the real celebration happens.  The recipes are critiqued and new menus for future reunions are planned, missing family or friends are missed and sometimes sadly mourned while newcomers are embraced, our fondest memories are resurrected and funny family stories are retold with smiles and laughter.   The woes and strife of any one of us is felt by all – with consoling hearts and arms.  Our worries are shared, victories are celebrated and dreams are always encouraged.

We are sisters, daughters, mothers, cousins, friends, neighbors, and sometimes there are even strangers – but we share the same gender at that table- we are female.  Many ages, statuses, statures, shapes and sizes, but still all female. 

At a recent holiday event, one of my ‘sister’s’ pre-teen, precocious, and willful son tried to interrupt our banter with his own request for attention – wanted to plead his case to only his mother, not for all to hear.  When she denied  his request and sent him away – he was heard mumbling back in a low, almost angry voice, “you are all just a, …., a table full of women”!!  (his emphasis was definitely not intended to be complimentary…)

How correct and on target he was!  We are a table full of women!  Smart women, sensitive women, experienced women, young and old women, and strong, confident women.  Hopefully he will one day recognize the value of the tables full of women in any successful family.

His words were spoken in exasperation and frustration, but they were a strong reminder for me that I am so grateful for that table full of women.  They are an ever- evolving group – rarely the same faces, but always the same hearts that women carry and love each other and our families and loved ones with.

I hope all of you have that table full of women in your family.

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