My G.P.S. =”God’s Perfect Solutions”

I am pretty sure that just about every journey or trip needs to include a map or directions. I have found there should only be one source for my life’s atlas. I believe that my trustworthy GPS shows me the way. Global positioning system? No… Gods Perfect Solutions! The secret is to listen, to follow, to trust. Without trusting, then the ink is invisible or the voice commands are in a foreign language.
I struggle with this daily. I frequently find myself on the wrong path or at a dead end. I forget to ask for directions and trust that if I keep on, even aimlessly, I eventually will find a sign that I will recognize.
That makes for a lot of wasted effort and detours, but I think it is good to cover all this ground. Thanks to experiencing being lost and unsure, confused or rejected, then upon my arrival to the correct destination I will truly rejoice.
I just have to remember to plug in my GPS….
“…and lead me in the way everlasting” Ps134:24
happy trails,

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